Lack of economic opportunities at the bottom of the income pyramid, climate change, migration, poor education and healthcare, supply shortages and rural de-population are challenges of our time. Governments, NGOs, foundations and businesses cannot solve them in isolation. Cooperations must be established, new approaches developed and synergies achieved, in order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Help for self-help, sustainability and market-based approaches are buzzwords that are often heard in the world of international development and philanthropy. While donations may temporarily reduce the suffering of those affected, they do not lead to a lasting change in their economic situation. Only if philanthropy is combined with economic development, the wellbeing of a community can truly be improved. But which criterias are required to make such projects successful?

The first LIECHTENSTEIN DIALOGUE FOR DEVELOPMENT brings together players in the field of international development, philanthropy, social investment and business, and shows the importance of financially sustainable solutions and collaborations between the stakeholders. This event will feature top speakers, and will highlight examples of innovative approachesto international development, including the Smiling Gecko project, explore various perspectives,

and discuss challenges and opportunities stemming from the SDGs.

The LIECHTENSTEIN DIALOGUE FOR DEVELOPMENT will take place at the Hilti Foundation‘s convention center in Schaan, Liechtenstein. The Principality of Liechtenstein has a long tradition of philanthropy: the small country is
home to numerous foundations and international companies, an ideal place to develop, trigger and implement new approaches in philanthropy and business.

The LIECHTENSTEIN DIALOGUE FOR DEVELOPMENT offers you an opportunity to actively participate in the conversation on key issues in the fields of sustainable development, philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility;
exchange ideas with leading practitioners and broaden your network.

We are very pleased to welcome you to this exciting event.

With kind regards
Hannes Schmid
Founder Smiling Gecko and


  • Understand how global trends shape the future of businesses, philanthropy and society
  • Explore strategies that address acute social and environmental issues using market-based approaches
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities of driving the social impact of your organization in a financially-sustainable way
  • Join the network of business and philantropic leaders contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and get insight of innovative peer strategies
  • Get inspired by top speakers and contribute to the conversation on the new paradigm of international development


Hilti Corporation
Feldkircher Strasse 100 | 9494 Schaan | Liechtenstein

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