Investors increasingly embrace the new paradigm of Risk – Return – Impact in their investment decisions, showing that financial returns are no longer the sole focus. What technologies, innovations, and instruments can make impact more verifiable, accessible, and even tradable? Join us to discuss these questions with our panel of experts.

Liechtenstein Dialogue for Development

Liechtenstein Dialogue for Development (LDD) is a meeting of business leaders, politicians, foundations and millennials, who want to discuss the future of development aid and drive business in a sustainable way.

The LDD explores and shows new, holistic models to development, that use market-based approaches to effectively address key social and environmental problems in a financially sustainable way.

Impressions 2019


  • Explore strategies that position your business ahead of the curve while addressing acute social and environmental issues
  • Understand the importance of new Partnerships and new Investment models
  • Discuss the future of Development Aid and their impact on business and society
  • Join the network of leading CEO’s contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and get insight of peer strategies
  • Share your perspective and be at the forefront

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